Aglio – four pieces of toasted vienna sourdough with garlic butter $6

 Fresca – four pieces of toasted vienna sour dough with Mediterranean balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. $5.8

Formaggio  melted mozzarella on four pieces of sourdoughwith garlic butter (v) $7.5

Bruschetta classic – two pieces of toasted vienna sourdough with diced tomato, crushed garlic, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil $10.5


Ricotta & pumpkin arancini – fried until crispy with beetroot relish (v) $14.5

 Antipasto terrine – a combination of italian meats, olive tapenade and buffalo mozzarella, with italian crostini and crispy prosciutto $14.9

Calamari aeoliano- bbq calamari with chilli, onion, capers and roasted capsicum(gf)$19.0

Nonna’s polpetti – beef meatballs cooked in our house napolitana sauce, and provolone $14.5

Gamberi al aglio- sautéed king prawns with garlic in olive oil served with crostini $18.5

Cozze– Black Mussels, tomatoes, onion, chilli in a creamy white wine sauce served with crostini $18.5


Vitello boscaiola – veal slices wrapped with bacon rashers, filled with mozzarella cheese in a creamy mushroom sauce served on green beans and roasted potatoes (gf) $35.0

Pollo di sienna’s chicken breast filled with sundried tomato, baby spinach and mozzarella served in a creamy white wine sauce served with crumb feta and house salad $29.5

Pancetta di murray’s- slow cooked pork belly with broccolini, roasted potatoes, topped with Local brew tomato chutney$29.5

Il Padrino –350 gram viking ribeye steak cooked to your liking served on roasted potatoes with creamy marsala bacon,  semi sundried tomatoes and mushroom sauce (gf) $35.0

Catch of the Day – please see our chef’s suggestion for the fish of the day M/P


Mediterranean – mixed leafs with cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, spanish onion, feta and kalamata olives tossed through our house dressing (gf) (v) $13.5

Gardino – mixed leafs with cucumber, tomatoes, spanish onions tossed through our house dressing (gf) (v) $9.90

La verdura sautéed mix vegetables (gf)(v) SIDE $7.5 BOWL $15

Patatine – beer battered chips (v) $8.0


Fettucine carbonara – cream white sauce with sautéed bacon and egg $17.5 / $22.5

Spaghetti bolognese – beef ragu topped with parmesan $17.5 / $22.5

Penne romano  cherry tomatoes, capsicum, spanish onion and sautéed chicken $17.5 / $22.5

Gnocchi alla norma – napolitana sauce and roasted eggplant with three cheeses $19.5 / $24.5

Beef lasagne – layers of mozzarella, beef ragu napolitana sauce topped with béchamel $22.5

Spaghetti marinara – napolitana sauce tossed though calamari, black mussels, king prawns and whole crab $32.0

Dairy and Gluten free pasta is available for additional $1.5

Please note lasagne and gnocchi cannot be made GF


Risotto della casa- creamy white wine sauce with chicken, mushroom and roasted capsicum $26.0

Risotto marinara – creamy white sauce tossed though calamari, black mussels, king prawns and whole crab(gf) $32.0



Aioli e oil –  olive oil crushed garlic base(v)$13.5 w/cheese (v)$15.5 

Margarita – tomato base, mozzarella topped with fresh basil (v) $15.5

Tropicano napolitana, mozzarella, ham, pineapple $17.5

Capricossa tomato base, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, kalamata olives, anchovies $18.5

Pollo BBQ – bbq sauce, mozzarella, chicken, spanish onions, red capsicum $17.5

Supremo – tomato base, mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, red capsicum, kalamata olives $21.0

Carne supremo – bbq sauce, mozzarella, bacon, ham, salami, italian sausage $21.0

Bella’s – Pesto base, mozzarella, roasted pumpkin pieces, sundried tomato, feta topped with fresh rocket (v)$19.5

Gamberi – tomato base, crushed garlic, mozzarella, king prawns, onion and cherry tomatoes $21.0

Sienna’s  pesto base, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, kalamata olives, topped with freshly diced tomato and fresh baby spinach (v) $19.5

Siciliano – olive tapenade, baked ricotta & fresh rocket (v) $18.5

Al capone’s – chilli tomato base, mozzarella, mushrooms, onions, italian sausage $19.5

The rocky balboa – chilli tomato base mozzarella, kalamata olives, pepperoni $19.5

Prosciutto classico – tomato base, buffalo mozzarella with prosciutto crudo and fresh rocket $21.0

Pollo e avocado tomato base, pesto, mozzarella, chicken, sundried tomato, avocado, onion $21.0

Gluten free bases add $4.0 | Half/Half $2.0 Extra’s- Cheese/Meat/Vegetables $2.0